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Based in New Zealand and a New Company in the industry we are trying many different avenues to make Essential Oils, we are learning all the time.

Our skill is in vacuum distillation of which we hold a patent in New Zealand and the United States. The process is not that easy to run but produces beautiful oils. We are working on many types and this site will grow as we grow. Thanks for viewing.

Keys Points

  • All Oils are GC/MS Tested.
  • Oils are wild Sourced "wilding" or Waste Residue from Forest Operations.
  • We do not do Bulk oils.
  • Aromatherapists are the best source of information for the usage of given oils don’t ask us.


Our goal and beliefs are to make oils that are of a very high quality. We are testing and validating oils we make and believe we are making high quality oils. Our oils do sometimes test the boundaries of the norms due to the way they are distilled. But adulteration of oils is a wrong and we see this happening and we will not join this group.

Paul Greaves - Distiller

About Us


My name is Paul Greaves. My wife Sue and I with the help of a small number of friends collect and process material to extract essential oils. We travel to sites and undertake the process, we did supply oil to Doterra but now produce a wide range of other oils. essential oils are new to us and we both wish we had this knowledge and industry years ago. It is hard work and us two do feel it.

As we travel in a motorhome and tow the still we are able to source the best material for Distillation. With travelling we have made some very fond friends in different locations and we repeat collections at these places.

This list shows what we have been doing. which reflects what we have available. Been a gap between Thyme and Kanuka. Holiday period

Projects list updated monthly, MAY 2018

  • Lavender "Contract Distillation"
  • Manuka from the lammalaw Range
  • Kanuka from Scroggs Hill Brighton
  • Thyme from Alexandra
  • Douglas fir from Berwick Forest

Special Projects

We are looking at supplying Rosehip now this is not from the rose but from the distillation of the brae of a wild rose that grows in central Otago. We have a sample away being tested at the moment

Paul Greaves - Distiller

Contact Us

Contact us by using the following form but if you want to ring then do. "027 333 3008", If I did not answer I am out collecting product for distilling. so, use the contact form. I try and answer emails as soon as I can. But with living in a motorhome and travelling for the distillations we do I may sometimes be out of service.

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